1. Fall Fashion Feels

    Fall Fashion Feels

    Jacket: Sheri Bodell , Shoes: Burberry, Handbag: Chanel

    Do you follow those stunning fashion bloggers that seem to have the perfect, yet unattainable, fashion-forward looks on social media? Well, we’re here to get you ahead of the fall trends and make some of those looks attainable. 

    First of all, richness is back. 

    Velvet has seemed like the fall fashion essential for quite some time now but this year it’s new and revived. There has been a shift from the standard velvet colors, and it’s now time to see gold, pewter, and yes, hot pink! Everything about velvet screams “Fall.”

    This runway season was inspiring. There was everything from velvet to corduroy. Corduroy made a steady appearance from Mulberry, Prada and Marc Jacobs. When you think corduroy, don’t think the stiff old world stuff, this season it’s time to think of it in a new, fashion-forward way.  

    With the cold fronts moving in, boots and jackets are other must-haves. Their presence in 2016 was something to talk about but their 2017 return is going to be bigger and better. 

    Let’s talk about shoes and boots. This season there are lots of different heels and shapes that will be available. You like block heels? They’re in. Kitten heels? They’re in too. Stilettos, thigh-highs, booties? They’re ALL in.

    Specifically on LuxAnthropy, Co-Founder Lisa Eisler’s top Fall shoe picks are: 

    LV boots marchesa red heels gold 

    chanel Chanel boot marc dolce vita

    Also new to LuxAnthropy are these incredibly trendy kitten heels: 

    louboutin Stuart Tods jimmy choo

    It seems that this fall season the possibilities are endless. Velvet, sock boots, patent leather, sequins and so much more. Shop LuxAnthropy’s top Fall looks, while supporting fabulous charities, including the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Children's Hospal LA, HPS Network and Women's Cancer Research Fund, to name a few. 

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  2. Ask the Stylist: LuxAnthropy Co-Founder, Lisa Eisler

    more fashion

    Wanna know a secret? Of course! Who doesn’t? We especially love getting the lowdown on what fashion insiders keep in their own bag of style tricks.

    So who better to ask than our own fashion director, Lisa Eisler, if she’d share a few of her own style secrets? Lisa is a true stylista (check out her first big fashion splurge when she was a teen) and as a busy costume designer for TV and film, has been a Hollywood insider for over two decades.

    And, because giving back is always stylish, we thought we’d start by asking our co-founder about the importance of philanthropy. She tells us, “It feels like in today’s society, the focus is often “self” based. With LuxAnthropy, (co-founder) Jen and I wanted to make giving more accessible. What's better than doing something for yourself, and yet helping others at the same time? I think that’s a win-win.”

    Now that's a secret worth sharing! Read on for more ...

    What was your first big designer purchase?
    I got a pink-and-white check Versace pinafore. Loved it.

    How old were you?  How much did you spend?  Thinking back, was it worth it?
    I was 17, I think it was about $300 (1987) and it was TOTALLY worth it. I wish I still had it to wear now.

    Fashion has never been more accessible -- what's your high/low philosophy?
    If you can, buy higher end purses and shoes, and for trends Zara, etc. are brilliant.

    What's the right look for a blind date?
    It really depends where the date is taking place! I believe in dressing for myself not someone else so whatever you would normally wear.

    In what order do you notice when you meet someone for the first time: handbag, watch, sunglasses, or shoes?
    1. Sunglasses
    2. Shoes
    3. Handbag
    4. Watch

    Rhianna, Taylor Swift, Katie Perry or Adele?
    Taylor Swift for clothing - Adele for everything else.

    Bikini or one piece?
    Bikini for me.

    What's your SPF number?

    Skirts or dresses?
    I tend to wear more dresses.

    If only one leather jacket, what style is most universal?
    Biker - I love them.

    How high is your go-to high heel?
    5- or 6-inches.

    What color bag is most universal?


    Is it better to be overdressed or underdressed at a social event?

    I think that depends on personality rather than style.  I personally would rather be over dressed.

    What is your fashion philosophy?

    If you could invite three designers over for dinner (dead or alive), who would you invite?
    Alexander Mc Queen
    Yves Saint Laurent
    Raf Simons

    If you could only wear one designer for the rest of time, who would it be?

    Target ---  what's your favorite designer capsule collection?
    Victoria Beckham

    Think of your closet -- how much of what is hanging there is actually being worn?
    25 percent

    What's the oldest thing hanging in your closet?
    A Burberry jacket

    What's the last thing you purchased?
    Lanvin red dress

    What's the next thing you want to buy?
    Gucci Princetown slides

    What's the last thing you returned?
    A pair of black boots - too big.

    Who was the last person you started to follow on Instagram?
    God knows.

    Adidas, New Balance or Nike?
    Asics for running, love all the rest for life.

    Last thing you bought for your partner/husband/child?
    YSL Tuxedo

    Favorite fashion city anywhere in the world?

    Who's your celebrity muse?
    I really don’t have one.

    Summer must-have?

    Apple or PC?

    Favorite fashion trick?
    Top stick

    What are some of your favorite pieces on the website for summer?  So many, but my top picks are:

    Dries Van NotenPhillip PleinBallyDSquared 2        Rebecca Vallance 

    Want more of Lisa's insider tips? She recently shared her thoughts on this season's best denim looks and the secret of true style. Shhhh ...

    No matter what your style philosophy is, have fun and remember -- giving back is always fashionable!


    J & L

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  3. Giving Back is Always in Style with LuxAnthropy.com


    LuxAnthropy was founded on the idea that philanthropic involvement should be easy, attainable and rewarding. Our charity partners are doing some pretty important work, helping build a better future for us all, including causes such as breast cancer research (Breast Cancer Research Foundation), providing care for children with some of the rarest and most complex disorders (Children's Hospital Los Angeles), to providing housing and supportive services for the homeless (HELP USA). But did you know that when you buy an item from LuxAnthropy.com and support one of our charities, you also get a big dollop of goodness (and we don’t just mean because you bought yourself a fabulous leather jacket)?

    It turns out that giving back can actually make you happier, according to a Harvard Business School study. They found that giving money to others can elicit more happiness than spending it on yourself. That means that when you buy that fabulous Bally Sommet tote bag you’ve had your eye on, the percentage of your purchase that goes back to the Otis College of Art & Design Scholarship Fund might make you happier than the bag itself. Mind. Blown.

    smaller heart 

    “Lisa (Eisler) and I combined two of the things that make us the happiest – fashion and giving back – to give designer resale a new twist,” says LuxAnthropy Co-Founder Jen Hillman. “We love partnering with causes in a variety of areas — such as Health; Human Services: the Arts, Culture and Humanities; and Education – to help raise much needed funds for them all year round.” 

    Says Lisa, "We wanted to make giving back fun and easy. What could be more fun than great style?"

    Here are some other ways giving back can help you feel and look good: 

    1. Giving can make you high. Researchers at the National Institute of Health found that making a charitable donation triggers the release of endorphins in your brain, producing a positive feeling known as the “helper’s high,” and you don’t even need a prescription.
    2. What goes around, comes around. According to research by sociologists out of University Southern California and the University of South Carolina, when you give to others your generosity will more than likely be rewarded somewhere down the road. Giving promotes cooperation and social connection and strengthens our ties to others. Talk about karma.
    3. Charitable giving helps you chill out. Those who give to charitable organizations have been found to have reduced levels of stress and lower blood pressure, according to studies out of Johns Hopkins University and the University of Tennessee. Sounds easier than meditating.
    4. You’ll live longer. Helping others reduces the risk of early death, according to research out of the University of Buffalo. Findings show that helping others buffers the association between stress and mortality. What’s not to like?


    Looking for a way to start giving? We’ve got you covered. A portion of the proceeds from this Louis Vuitton handbag or these on-trend Frye ankle boots will benefit Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  Or check out additional amazing items being sold to benefit our other incredibly worthy charity partners - just click the logos below and you'll see what's in store.

    BCRFCHLAOtishelp usaShanes inspirationchicken eggff

    Give back - in a big or small way. Be happy. Look Good and Feel Great. LuxAnthropy.com wants you to have it all.


    Your friends at LuxAnthropy.com

    Transform your closet.  Transform your world.

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  4. Modern Denim Looks for Spring

    We love denim. Seriously, what could be easier than slipping into a pair of your favorite skinnies when you’ve got to be out the door in five minutes? They’ve become our morning-noon-and-night, seven-days-a-week essential.

    So we’re excited about the resurgence in denim this spring and this season’s crop of fresh new looks. Talk about rebirth. Everything about this wave of denim shouts “Spring!” to us and we don’t know about you, but we are so ready to move on from winter. Like, adios to all those layers.

    denim top

    Shop denim looks HERE

    Spring denim brings COLOR back into your closet – lots of pink, yellow, green and pastels – and pretty floral prints that no one would dare call “old lady-ish.” Lots of rips and frayed bottoms will help you channel your chic inner rocker and wide legged looks offset all those skinny jeans you’ve been wearing all winter (see above). We’ve seen all sorts of embellishments on denim – patchwork, lattice and embroidery – calling to mind jeans of bygone days. Denim’s even making its mark this season on lots of cute SHOES and bags.

    fashion guitar

    Image via The Fashion Guitar

    Our Creative Director, Lisa Eisler, loves the denim-on-denim look but advises mixing washes, putting a darker, slimmer one on the bottom and keeping the lighter look on top for a pretty silhouette. She’s also liking a billowy, off-the-shoulder denim top paired with a slimmer cut bottom and one of the high-waisted jeans paired with a tucked-in blouse. One of this season’s ubiquitous trenches would show off a floral pant and your skinnies would be perfect paired with a fitted military jacket.

    denim on denim

    All this ripping and fraying’s not going to be around forever, so Lisa says it’s not a look she’d counsel making a big investment on. Want to breathe some new life into an older pair of jeans? Why not give them a little rip or fray yourself?

    The Fashion Guitar

    Image via Atelier Dore

    Wherever you live, including our very own Los Angeles, just go have fun and Happy Spring!

    "Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them."  - Marc Jacobs


     jean jacket

     Shop denim jacket HERE.







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  5. Making March Matter With Children's Hospital Los Angeles

    Making March Matter With Children's Hospital Los Angeles


    When we started thinking about a company name, no one word really fit the bill for our new business approach that seamlessly weaves resale and philanthropy throughout every part of the company.  So we made up a word – combining Luxury and philAnthropy – and instantly knew it said everything, no explanation needed

    LuxAnthropy is proud to partner with charities in the categories of Health; Human Services; Arts, Culture and Humanities; and Education, and help raise funds for each partner charity year-round.

    Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) and their “Make March Matter” campaign is very near and dear to our hearts.  As one of the largest children’s non-profit hospitals in the country, CHLA is based in LuxAnthropy’s hometown of Los Angeles.  A premiere teaching hospital and research hub, Children's Hospital LA treats all children – regardless of race, gender, pre-existing conditions and insurance and immigration status – and provides special programs and education for parents and siblings to ensure the entire family receives the support they need.

    Children's Hospital LA also tackles more than just medical needs, with programs for homeless youth, college prep programs for inner city kids, transgender youth advocacy, intervention for children who are suspected to have been abused or neglected and so much more.

    One of the things we love most about Children's Hospital LA is the people who work there and their incredible passion for what they do. Walking around the hospital, you instantly know this is a very special place, that’s devoted to children and providing them with optimum care.

    We think they truly are the “good guys” and encourage sellers to support our city and to help Make March Matter for children. 


    One of those kids at Children's Hospital LA is Viviana, a typical 6-year-old who landed in her local emergency room in 2011 when a pencil she was trying to hold kept slipping through her fingers. She’d been experiencing persistent nausea and leg cramping and by the time she arrived at the hospital she required an emergency blood transfusion and a biopsy confirmed she had leukemia.

    Viviana began her chemotherapy treatments at Children's Hospital LA as an out patient but was admitted after three weeks when she had slipped into a coma as a reaction to the life saving drugs. In the months ahead, she would develop pancreatitis, contract a fungal infection and need to learn how to walk again. But Viviana showed her CHLA team that she was a fighter and was discharged eight months after being admitted.

    Viviana continued out-patient chemotherapy and in the end underwent treatment for three years until all traces of leukemia were gone. Today, her mom describes her as a typical preteen and the seventh grader has been cancer-free for over two years.

    Her mom says, “We always felt a sense of calm [at CHLA] because we knew everything was going to be OK.”  Click here to read Viviana’s full story.

    You can help Make March Matter and ensure that kids like Viviana – and the more than 528,000 patients Children's Hospital LA sees annually – get the very best care.

    Simply visit LuxAnthropy.com where you can buy and sell new and gently-used designer and select contemporary brands, all while supporting incredibly worthy causes, including CHLA. For every item purchased on LuxAnthropy, a minimum of 5 percent of the final purchase price will be donated to the seller’s designated partner charity. And LuxAnthropy makes a donation as well. 

    Happy March! Whatever you do, Make March Matter!


    J & L





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  6. Thoughts on Style: You Be You

    Great style isn’t just for the rich and famous, says LuxAnthropy co-founder and creative director Lisa Eisler. Anyone can be fabulous, regardless of what’s in her wallet. 

    “You can’t buy style,” says our fashion leader, who loves the bloggers and street style stars who mix high and low fashion pieces to create their personal looks.

    At LuxAnthropy, we want to make great style available to everyone. We have access to some of the most amazing closets in locations all over the country – including Hollywood insiders, designers and stylists. We’ve carefully selected each piece and have created the ultimate collection for you.

    For every item purchased on LuxAnthropy, a minimum of 5% of the final purchase price will be donated to one of our partner charities whose mission aligns with our company’s core values. 

    So when you use LuxAnthropy to update your wardrobe, you’re also supporting some of our amazing charity partners like Children’s Hospital Los Angeles – who are dedicated to building healthier futures for children. And if that wasn’t enough of an incentive, giving items a new life is a great way to recycle new and gently-used pieces, and in a small way cuts down on waste. It’s like a little hug to the planet.

    When it comes to fashion, Lisa thinks the key is finding what works for you and not just following the crowd. “Being stylish doesn't mean running out and buying something you saw your favorite celebrity wearing. Individuality feels so much better than imitation.”

    Lisa spent over 20 years as a stylist and costume designer and loves that fashion is so much more accessible today. Fashionistas can scoop up designer looks from retail chains and thanks to the Internet, take advantage of the booming resale market. 

    Here’s a few more of Lisa’s rules for finding your personal style:

    Be realistic.

    Buy what works for your life and makes you feel good. If you’re on your feet all day running around for work, maybe those 5-inch heels aren’t the most practical splurge. Perhaps this pair of Stella McCartney sneaks for Adidas would be more your speed?

    Stella McCartney For Adidas

    Just be you.

    Gwen Stefani rocked this Dora Abodi bomber jacket on The Voice and you can too, just remember to be yourself and enjoy the moment.

    Dora Abodi bomber jacket

    Individual style is eternal.

    While we love trends at LuxAnthropy -- and our team makes sure there are plenty of trendy pieces, like this Dolce & Gabanna bustier dress, to choose from -- Lisa suggests incorporating only a handful of trend items into your looks each season. “Just don’t let trends eclipse your overall individual style. It’s supposed to be all about you,” she says.

    Dolce & Gabbana

    Be a ruthless editor.

    When it comes to editing your closet, Lisa says you need to be brutal. “If you haven’t worn it in about six months to a year, get rid of it,” she says and suggests that we think about all those dresses hanging in our closet still with tags on them. As a busy working mom with 5-year-old and 7 month-old girls, Lisa knows it can be a struggle to get back into our skinny jeans post-baby. Purge that closet, sell those items while supporting an amazing charity, and then treat yourself to things that make you feel good.  

    If you’ve got an emotional attachment to something that’s taking up precious closet space, box it up and put it in storage. If you pull it out a year later and forgot you even owned it, consider selling it and buying something you’ve had your eye on, like this Tibi hot pink strapless dress or these fabulous Current/Elliott Ankle Skinny black brocade jeans?

    TibiCurrent/Elliott skinny jeans

    Most of all, have fun and let LuxAnthropy.com help you buy, sell and give.

    “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Laurent


    L & J

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