Simple Steps

Are you ready to consign those designer items in your closet, make money and give money to a charity that you love?  Look no further than LuxAnthropy.  We are a top-rated designer resale website that makes everything super simple because we do all the work for you.

How do I sell my designer consignment items? Simply, create your personal profile. Send your items off to LuxAnthropy.  We’ll photograph and sell them for you.  Designate the worthy charity partner that you want to support with a minimum donation of 5% of your commission.  Make money and give money to charity that you love. And with each purchase, LuxAnthropy will also donate 5% of its proceeds to the same charity.

Gather your high fashion items that are ready to find a new home: 
Check items against the DESIGNERS WE ACCEPT list and our quality standards.

Create your Create your Account:
Choose one of our more than 25 top-rated charity partners that you’d like to support and decide what percentage of your commission to donate (5%-100%).

Download and complete an Itemized Form at our Consignor's Corner.

Request a prepaid shipping label by emailing us at INFO@LUXANTHROPY.COMMake sure to include your name and address in the body of the email, and type "Request a Prepaid Shipping Label" in the Subject line. And we'll email it directly to you!

Place your items in any box and drop off at a UPS or FedEx location -- Make sure to include your completed Itemized Form so we know what you want to sell.  Shipping's on us! 

**In Los Angeles?  Certain zip codes are eligible for a complimentary pick-up.  Ask us about it at INFO@LUXANTHROPY.COM.

Review your offer, Make Money and Give Back:
Designer resale items received by LuxAnthropy are authenticated by our merchandise team and curated by our stylists to maximize pricing. You will receive a confirmation email with our offer. Our sellers receive 60% of the final sale price minus your charity donation (and your charity will send you a tax receipt).  

xo LuxAnthropy


**Items that do not meet our criteria are returned to you or donated to charity.

**Charity partners receive donations on a quarterly basis.
**In addition to your donation, LuxAnthropy donates 5% of its commission to each selected charity.
**After your sales exceed $10,000 in a year’s time, you will receive 70% of the final sale price.